Thank you’s

Thank you to all of our sponsors and fundraisers.

  • Over the years many institutions and individuals all have supported the projects generously. These include:

Peer Group UK : Birrane Foundation

Tony and Robyn Bowden: Special thanks to Tony and Robyn Bowden who solely funded the construction of the kitchen and dining room for the Wallaito school Sodo Ethiopia

London and Regional Estates – Richard Gay

Zena Carter

Intervision Design: Thank you to Intervision Design for the donation of graphic design, designing, building & hosting our website.

Mount Sinia College Maroubra

Northern Beaches Pilates

David Mackay L J Hooker Avalon

Kirsten and Nic Clark

Steve and Judy Beaty

BNI Manly

Andy and Michael Harris

David O Mally

Ross and Catherine Perkins

Jurgen Schmechel

Ben Porter

Tony Veale

Michelle Rennie

Louisa Wilcox

Redalfalfa Pty Ltd

Lyndal Barry

Steve Ford