Thank you’s

Thank you to all of our sponsors and fundraisers.

  • Over the years many institutions and individuals all have supported the projects generously. These include:

Peer Group UK : Birrane Foundation

Tony and Robyn Bowden: Special thanks to Tony and Robyn Bowden who solely funded the construction of the kitchen and dining room for the Wallaito school Sodo Ethiopia

London and Regional Estates – Richard Gay

Zena Carter

Intervision Design: Thank you to Intervision Design for the donation of graphic design, designing, building & hosting our website.

Mount Sinia College Maroubra

Northern Beaches Pilates

David Mackay L J Hooker Avalon

Kirsten and Nic Clark

Steve and Judy Beaty

BNI Manly

Andy and Michael Harris

David O Mally

Ross and Catherine Perkins

Jurgen Schmechel

Ben Porter

Tony Veale

Michelle Rennie

Louisa Wilcox

Redalfalfa Pty Ltd

Lyndal Barry

Steve Ford

Tish Robinson

Trish Wingfield

Liz Treloar

Heather Macorison

Michael Jarvis