Why are we called Cobra and Mongoose?
Both creatures are native to the countries where the charity first started operating. We took inspiration from Rudyard Kipling’s children story of The Cobra and the Mongoose. While the tale is one of animosity between both creatures, Cobra and Mongoose charity is focused on breaking down barriers and building relationships, no matter what tribe, religion or ethnicity.
How do we select our projects?
Most of our projects are selected through spending time on the ground in developing countries where we have been fortunate to meet local people who are making a difference in their communities. We work with them to understand community needs and establish how best we can support them.
How do we fund our projects?
All of our projects are funded through donations. This includes corporate and personal donations.

We also run a number of fundraising events over the year – primarily in the Sydney Northern Beaches area. To find out about our events, consider susbcribing to our newsletter at the bottom right of this page.

Are we a registered charity?
Yes, we are a registered Public Benevolent Institution. ABN 43 976 756 079
Can I claim tax deductions for donations?
Yes, we are a registered Public Benevolent Institution and are endorsed as deductible gift recipients
How can I keep up to date with the Cobra and Mongoose’s initiatives?
You can subscribe to our newsletter you will receive updates on our projects including how funds are being invested, up coming events and fundraising opportunities and more. Please subscribe at the bottom right of the page.
E: admin@cobraandmongoosecharitygroup.com.au